Koss Ksc75 Sportclip Ear-clip Headphones (pack of 1 Ea)

$42.97 $49.59

Introducing the Koss Ksc75 Sportclip Ear-clip Headphones, your ultimate audio companion for an immersive sound experience on the go. Designed with your comfort and convenience in mind, these headphones are a must-have for any music lover or active individual.

Featuring soft foam earpads, these headphones provide an open, hear-through sound that allows you to stay aware of your surroundings while enjoying your favorite tunes. Say goodbye to the discomfort of ill-fitting clips, as the pivoting earplates of the Ksc75 Sportclip headphones ensure a secure and comfortable fit, even during your most intense workouts or outdoor adventures.

With a frequency response of 15Hz-25kHz and an impedance of 60ohm, these headphones deliver crystal-clear audio across a wide range of frequencies. Whether you're listening to soaring melodies or pounding bass lines, every note will be reproduced with stunning clarity and precision. The impressive sensitivity of 101dB/mW ensures that you can enjoy your music at lower volumes without sacrificing any detail.

The Koss Ksc75 Sportclip headphones come with a 4ft, straight, dual-entry cord, allowing for tangle-free movement and easy connectivity to your audio devices. The 3.5mm L-shaped plug ensures a secure and reliable connection, so you can enjoy uninterrupted music wherever you go.

Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, these headphones are built to last. Experience the superior sound quality and comfort of the Koss Ksc75 Sportclip Ear-clip Headphones and elevate your audio experience to new heights. Don't settle for anything less than exceptional sound - get your pair today and immerse yourself in the music you love.

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