Jvc Dynamic Sound High-grade Full-size Headphones (pack of 1 Ea)

$90.76 $99.95

Experience audio like never before with the JVC Dynamic Sound High-grade Full-size Headphones. Designed with precision and packed with cutting-edge technology, these headphones deliver an immersive listening experience that will transport you to a world of pure sonic bliss.

Featuring a powerful 50mm neodymium driver, these headphones produce rich, dynamic sound that will bring your music to life. The innovative ring port structure ensures high-quality audio reproduction, while the acoustic lens structure enhances the natural sound by channeling it through specially engineered acoustic lenses.

Comfort is key when it comes to extended listening sessions, and the JVC Dynamic Sound Headphones deliver in spades. The pressure-dispersion mesh head pad provides a cushioned and snug fit, allowing you to enjoy your favorite tunes for hours on end without any discomfort.

With an impressive 11.48ft pure copper cord, these headphones give you the freedom to move around while enjoying your music. The gold-plated plug ensures a secure and reliable connection, while the included 1/4" plug adapter allows you to easily connect to a variety of audio devices.

Whether you're a music enthusiast, a gamer, or simply someone who appreciates the finer details of sound, the JVC Dynamic Sound High-grade Full-size Headphones are a must-have accessory. Elevate your audio experience and immerse yourself in a world of sound with these exceptional headphones.

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