Ideal Rg6 F-compression Connectors, 50 Pk (pack of 1 Ea)

$64.68 $70.63
Package: 1 Ea

RTQ(TM) XR(TM) XTended Range RG6 compression F connector for all RG6, RG6 plenum, RG6 Quad & RG6 Quad plenum cables
InSite(TM) technology gives installers a large, 360deg visual indication that the coaxial cable has been correctly & completely inserted
NJX(TM) offers a high-performing, reliable economical solution for applications that do not require weatherproof connectivity
TLC(TM) Tool-Less Compression Connectors for simple, fast & low cost installation
Fits 60% reg/tri/quad cable
Nickel-plated, brass construction for superior corrosion resistance
Approved for indoor/outdoor use by satellite & cable TV companies
50 pk

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