Mb Quart Discus Series 400-watt Shallow Subwoofer (10") (pack of 1 Ea)

$95.33 $129.99

Introducing the Mb Quart Discus Series 400-watt Shallow Subwoofer! Take your car audio experience to the next level with this powerful and compact subwoofer.

Designed to fit in less than 3.1" depth, this subwoofer delivers impressive bass without taking up valuable space in your vehicle. With its dual 4ohm, 2" high-temperature voice coils, it ensures optimal performance and durability.

The vented aluminum former and polycotton-blended spider provide excellent heat dissipation and allow for maximum excursion, resulting in deep and impactful bass. The UV-protected butyl rubber surround ensures long-lasting performance, even under harsh conditions.

Featuring a thermal-formed polypropylene cone and dust cap, this subwoofer delivers accurate and distortion-free bass reproduction. The through frame and pole piece venting further enhances cooling and minimizes power compression.

Equipped with a high-energy Y30 motor assembly, this subwoofer delivers powerful and precise bass response. The nickel-plated push-and-insert connectors ensure a secure and reliable connection.

Built with a heavy-gauge powder-coated stamped steel basket, this subwoofer is not only durable but also provides a rigid platform for optimal performance. Whether you prefer a sealed or vented enclosure, this subwoofer is ideal for both setups.

Upgrade your car audio system with the Mb Quart Discus Series 400-watt Shallow Subwoofer. Immerse yourself in the richness and depth of your favorite music like never before. Get yours today and enjoy a truly captivating audio experience on the road.

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