Antennas Direct Output Tv And Cat-5 Distribution Amplifier (8 Way) (pack of 1 Ea)


Introducing the Antennas Direct Output TV and Cat-5 Distribution Amplifier! Boost your signal and amplify your viewing experience with this powerful device. Whether you're looking to enhance your home entertainment system or improve your business's TV distribution, this amplifier is the perfect solution.

With its low noise design, this amplifier ensures crystal-clear reception without any interference. You can even place it outside, thanks to its compatibility with a power inserter. Say goodbye to weak signals and hello to uninterrupted viewing pleasure.

Operating within a frequency range of 54MHz to 1,000MHz, this amplifier provides exceptional performance across a wide range of channels. It features 4 outputs with an impressive 7.5dB gain per port, ensuring that every TV in your setup receives a strong and reliable signal. Need even more outputs? No problem! This amplifier also comes in an 8-output option, with a still impressive 4.5dB gain per port.

Included with the amplifier is a 15V AC adapter and a 40" coaxial cable, making installation a breeze. Simply connect your antenna or cable input to the amplifier, and then connect your TVs to the outputs. It's that easy! Plus, with a 90-day limited warranty, you can purchase with confidence.

Upgrade your TV distribution system and enjoy enhanced signal strength and clarity with the Antennas Direct Output TV and Cat-5 Distribution Amplifier. Don't settle for weak signals and pixelated images. Invest in this amplifier and elevate your viewing experience today!

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