Tripp Lite Ultra Hd Hdmi High-speed Gold Digital Video Cable (100ft) (pack of 1 Ea)

$148.13 $286.21

Introducing the Tripp Lite Ultra HD HDMI High-Speed Gold Digital Video Cable! Experience the ultimate in high-definition video quality with this premium double-shielded HDMI-compliant cable. Designed to protect against outside noise, this cable ensures a crystal-clear signal transmission for your viewing pleasure.

With its HDMI male to male connection, this cable supports Ultra HD 4K x 2K video resolutions up to 3840 x 2160. Immerse yourself in stunning visuals and vibrant colors like never before. Whether you're watching movies, gaming, or streaming your favorite shows, this cable delivers an exceptional viewing experience.

Featuring a bandwidth of up to 10.2Gbps, this cable creates a pure digital connection between HDMI-enabled HDTV display devices and HDMI-enabled digital video sources. Say goodbye to blurry images and lagging videos. Enjoy seamless connectivity and smooth playback every time.

The gold-plated connectors provide optimal signal transfer, ensuring the highest quality audio and video output. Experience true audio fidelity and lifelike visuals with every use. Plus, the impedance-matched twisted pair construction reduces cross-talk and interference, guaranteeing a stable and reliable connection.

Rest assured, this cable is RoHS compliant, meeting the highest industry standards for environmental friendliness. With a limited lifetime warranty, you can trust in the durability and performance of this cable for years to come.

Upgrade your home entertainment system with the Tripp Lite Ultra HD HDMI High-Speed Gold Digital Video Cable. Unlock the full potential of your devices and indulge in a truly immersive viewing experience. Order now and elevate your entertainment to new heights!

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