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Vertico Men's V-Spa Shower Sandal

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Built with the world traveler in mind, the Vertico V-Spa Shower Sandal is made to be a lightweight, quick drying travel companion for use in hotel showers and other public bathing houses. The V-Spa is slip resistant. Not much is worse than slick locker room floors. As long as you have a pair of V-Spa's then that will not be a worry. A must have for showers, pools, and locker rooms alike. Who wants to be walking around in wet shoes longer than they have to be? If you do, then these shoes are not for you. These sandals are fast drying. They aren't for the squeaky flip flop guy walking around the water park. Using our sandals can help reduce the chance of:, Ringworm, Athletes Foot, Tinea, Other Shower Fungi. If it doesn't carry the Vertico name, it's not an exceptional Vertico product.Quick Drying; Slip Resistant; Protective; Affordable