Green Glass Moroccan Lantern


Introducing our Green Glass Moroccan Lantern, a mesmerizing addition to your home decor. Prepare to be enchanted by the halo of emerald green that casts a serene glow, creating an atmosphere of tranquility in any space.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this lantern features intricate cutouts that elegantly scatter starlight patterns, casting a captivating play of shadow and motion. Each flickering candle inside becomes a source of magic, illuminating the room with a warm and inviting ambiance.

With a weight of just 0.8 lb, this lantern is lightweight and easy to move around, allowing you to effortlessly create stunning displays in any room. The combination of metal and glass materials adds a touch of sophistication and durability to this exquisite piece.

Measuring 4 1/2" x 3 3/4" x 10 1/4" high, this lantern is the perfect size to adorn your tabletops, mantels, or shelves. Its compact design makes it versatile enough to fit seamlessly into any decor style, whether it's modern, bohemian, or eclectic.

Please note that the candle is not included, allowing you the freedom to choose your preferred scent or color to further personalize your experience. Embrace the captivating allure of our Green Glass Moroccan Lantern and let its enchanting glow transform your living spaces into a haven of tranquility and beauty.

Add a touch of mystique to your home with this exquisite lantern. Order yours today and let the magic unfold!

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