Wagon Wheel Toilet Paper Holder

$46.69 $48.20

Introducing our whimsical Wagon Wheel Toilet Paper Holder, the perfect addition to add a dash of charm to your bathroom decor. Keep that paper rollin' in style with this delightful accessory that showcases polyresin wagon wheels on either side of your precious roll of paper.

Crafted with attention to detail, this toilet paper holder weighs a mere 1.4 pounds, making installation a breeze. Its compact dimensions of 9" x 5.62" x 6.25" ensure it fits seamlessly into any bathroom space, big or small.

Made from durable polyresin and fir wood, this toilet paper holder is built to last. The combination of materials gives it a sturdy structure, ensuring your toilet paper stays securely in place. Rest assured knowing that this holder will effortlessly withstand the test of time.

Designed for convenience, our Wagon Wheel Toilet Paper Holder is not only functional but also a delightful decorative piece. Its unique wagon wheel design adds a touch of whimsy to your bathroom, making it a conversation starter for guests and a joyful addition to your everyday routine.

With its UPC number 849179027667, you can trust that this product meets the highest quality standards. Plus, it comes in a pack of one, so you'll have everything you need to transform your bathroom into a charming oasis.

Embrace the captivating allure of our Wagon Wheel Toilet Paper Holder and bring a touch of rustic elegance to your bathroom. Order yours today and elevate your bathroom decor to new heights of style and whimsy.

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