Sterilite Medium Stacking Basket Plastic, White


Introducing the Sterilite Medium Stacking Basket in sleek white! Say goodbye to clutter and hello to organized bliss with this versatile storage solution.

• Maximize your storage space: With its innovative design, these stacking baskets feature accent rails that effortlessly flip-down, allowing you to stack multiple baskets on top of each other. This means you can make the most of your storage area without sacrificing valuable surface space.

• Stylish and functional: From countertops to cabinets, pantries to laundry rooms, and even home offices to craft rooms, these baskets are the perfect solution for reducing clutter throughout your home. Their stylish design allows them to be left out in the open, adding a touch of elegance to any space while providing easy access to your items.

• Easy visibility and airflow: Thanks to the clever ventilation holes, you can easily see the contents inside the basket, while also allowing airflow to circulate. No more digging through piles of stuff to find what you need – everything is neatly organized and within reach.

• Ideal size for various uses: Measuring at 14 3/4" L x 10 3/4" W x 6 1/4" H, this medium-sized basket is perfect for a variety of uses. Whether you need to organize your closet, pantry, bathroom, office, kitchen, craft room, playroom, dorm room, or mudroom, this stacking basket has got you covered.

• Easy to clean: Made of easy-to-clean plastic, maintaining the cleanliness and freshness of these baskets is a breeze. Simply wipe them down and they'll look as good as new.

Don't let clutter take over your life. Invest in the Sterilite Medium Stacking Basket and experience the joy of a tidy and organized home. Order yours today and reclaim your space!

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