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MOSSY OAK Hunting Field Dressing Kit - Portable Butcher Game Processor Set (8-piece)

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About this item

  • ✅ 8 Piece Big Game Field Dressing Kit In Box: 8-3/4" Wood/Bone Saw, Steel Stick/Brisket Spreader, 7.5" Caping Knife, 9.5" Gut Hook Skinner, 10" Boning Knife, Tungsten Carbide V-Sharpener, Red Game Cleaning Gloves
  • ✅ 8.7" Wood & Bone Saw: This bone saw with the clever blunt hooked tip would avoid breaking the bladder or intestines virtually, ensuring meat not harmed during dressing. The serrations are configured to increase efficiency with T-handle and innovative hook tip, 5" serrations, 1.9mm thickness, 4.1 oz
  • ✅ 7.5" Caping Knife: This smaller fixed blade caping knife with 3.4 " blade features finer point and smaller scale, more suitable for smaller game, 2.85 mm thickness, 2.8 oz
  • ✅ 9.4" Gut Hook Skinner: This fixed blade hunting knife features a 3.9" fine edge blade with gut hook, 3.2 mm thickness, 6.3 oz, designed for quick and efficient processing of game
  • ✅ Material & Design: Each stainless steel item in the field dressing kit is made of 3CR13, equipped with camouflage handles and full tang constructions that offer durability over the long haul
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Mossy Oak Hunting Field Dressing Kit

Package Includes


-7.5 inch Caping Knife*1

-10 inch Boning Knife*1

-9.4 inch Gut Hook Skinner*1

-7 inch Wood & Bone Saw*1

-Steel Stick/Brisket Spreader*1

-Red Game Cleaning Gloves*1

-Tungsten Carbide V-Sharpener*1

-Strong Black Case*1

Introduction of hunting field accessories

capingsawknife sharpenerCASE



knife sharpener


Performs detailed cuts with surgical precision.

In conjunction with Gut Hook Skinner and Boning Knife, easily handle everything after deer hunting.

Features a T-shaped handle to allow comfortable straight wrist cutting from any angle, ergonomically designed to eliminate fatigue during long use.

Small and portable for perfect for your hand-use, maintain a shaving-sharp edge for hunting knives at all time.

Designed for easy carry outdoors. The suitcase can used as Cutting Board. A compact case with latches holds everything, no worry about tools coming loose or falling out during opening the case.

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