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MJM Condiment Server, Condiment Tray, ice Party Serving bar, Chilled Caddy, bar Garnish Holder on ice, Condiment Dispenser, Salad Platter, Compartment Condiment Tray with lid

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Great Party Necessity!



Admittedly, our young but aspiring company didn’t reinvent the wheel. And yes, we are selling household products like dish racks or cooking utensils, which doesn’t sound very intriguing. But hey, being at home with your family, friends or even alone and living your every day life isn’t hip or super exciting either – But doesn’t it feel good to be at home?

Sure, it is hard to cool drinks outside, without a refrigerator close at hand. Simply use this space-saving condiment tray and put it onto your garden table. Like that, your guests can store their beverages on top of an ice layer so that they stay cool and fresh. You can even use 1 or 2 compartments to put pieces of lemon, strawberries, or olives inside.

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Fill some ice cubes into the big compartment to keep fruits and vegetables fresh and juicy for a couple of hours. Close the lid to refrigerate food even longer and to scare off insects.

Because all parts of the condiment tray can be disassembled easily, cleaning them is a no-brainer. Simply use some water, mild dish soap, and a soft sponge to remove food residues. You can even put the parts into the dishwasher.

Each of the 5 transparent compartments can hold up to 1,5 cups of food. Add chopped vegetables, fruits, snacks, candy, dips, or whatever you have in mind and present those tidbits to your guests in a perfect manner.

As a little bonus we added 1 scoop, 3 spoons, and 3 tongs to the package so that you can easily pick some lemon slices or take out a couple of peanuts without getting your hands dirty.

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