Megawise Healthy Top-Refill Cool Mist Humidifiers for Bedroom, 24Db Ultrasonic Air Vaporizer with Water Filter for Baby [PP Material], Colorful Night Light,1 Gal Essential Oil Diffuser, Auto Shut Off

  • 💞Mega Care💞 7*24 Live Chat support and FREE upgrade to FULL-Replacement Guarantee-no need to return. We treat you like family and want you to be happy! If you are not satisfied, we simply refund your money.
  • 💞Mega Health💞 Purification System for Kids- the filter will soften and purify the water, reduce health problems, and creates a comfortable living environment for you and your loved ones.
  • 💞Mega Joy💞 7-Color Lights & Essential Oil Diffuser for Nursery, bedroom, home or office. The soothing colored lights and fragrant essential oil diffuser create extra comfort and joy. The lights can be turned off when you do not need it.
  • 💞Mega Quietness💞 The patented silencer allows the humidifier to make only 24dB of sound at a low setting and 30dB at the highest.
  • 💞Mega Convenient💞Top Fill Extra Large 3.5 Liter Water Tank|Easy to Refill water from the inlet at the top of the unit. Refilling has never been easier! Also Super Easy to Clean.

Product Description

3 situations need a Humidifier.

1) You live in a dry climate.

2) You want to increase the moisture levels around you.

3) You have frequent nosebleeds or sinuse issues, or your respiratory system is aggravated by dry air.

How does the filtration system work?

1) The filter absorbs calcium, lime, magnesium and other impurities in hard water.

2) Each filter cartridge provides up to 40 full tank uses in average depending on your water’s hardness.

The filter element is detachable.

This means that this humidifier can also operate normally without the filter.

Can I add essential oil to the humidifier?

Yes. MEGAWISE 3.5L cool mist humidifier is made with anti-corrosive PP material and you can add essentialoil directly to the water tank for aromatic benefits

Smooth Dial Control

Effortlessly adjust the mist output to ideal humidity level for maximun comfort (40-60% RH is recommended)

360° Rotatable Nozzle

The rotatable nozzle projects mist in any direction.

Auto Shut-Off Protection

The anti-dry protection system will automatically shut off when, there is no water. The red light indicates that it is time to add water or the water tank is not aligned.

Keep Babies Comfortable

MEGAWISE humidifier uses a natural evaporation process to add water molecules to the air in your room. The BPA-free material and filtration system makes it secure for the whole family, including kids and babies.

Moisturize Your Skin

In winter, cold air holds less moisture. MEGAWISE Air Humidifier offers an effective solution to counteract the effects of dry harsh winter air by adding essential moisture to any room. Soothe dry skin with added moisture so hands and lips are no longer dry.

Keep Your Pet Comfortable

When your pet encounters dry air, it may experience symptoms of dry nose, static hair, or cracked soles. This air humidifier is beneficial for pets as it is for humans. During winter when the air is cold and dry, This humidifier will help your pets stay healthy and happyc.

Moisturize Your Plants

When your plants are faced with dry air, you will see curled leaves and dry leaf tips. Flower buds turn brown and fall off. Plants thrive in high levels of humidity. MEGAWIE plant humidifier will help your plants grow better by providing moisture in the room!

The night light will continuously change 7 colors.

There is a light switch on the back of the water tank, you can turn off the light at any time.

How do I clean my humidifier?

1) Unplug and disassemble your humidifier.

2) Fill the tank with water as you normally would, and add 2 tablespoons distilled white vinegar. Let this mixture sit in the tank for 30 minutes.

3) Empty the humidifier, and use the included cleaning brush and cloth to clean any areas with extra build-up.

4) Rinse all the parts and let them air dry before its next use.

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