Gya Labs Pure Ginger Oil for Belly Fat & Pain - 100% Natural Therapeutic Grade Ginger Essential Oil for Lymphatic Massage Oil - Belly Drainage Ginger Oil for Hair Growth, Skin & Diffuser (0.34 fl oz)


Brand Gya Labs
Scent Ginger
Product Benefits Hair Growth
Item Volume 10 Milliliters
Material Feature Natural
  • BELLY DRAINAGE GINGER OIL FOR SLENDER FIGURES. Tone your body up to get your dream physique with ginger oil. Mix 3 drops of ginger essential oil with a carrier oil and massage on hips and abdomen area.
  • USED AS LYMPHATIC MASSAGE OIL. Some use ginger oil for lymphatic drainage to relax aches and boost circulation with a ginger oil lymphatic drainage massage. Massage 3 drops with a carrier oil on sore areas.
  • A NOURISHING REMEDY FOR SKIN & HAIR. Nutrient-rich ginger oil for skin restores dull skin & hair to glorious perfection. Massage 2 drops of ginger oil for hair growth and jojoba carrier oil into skin & hair.
  • ENERGIZES & RELAXES FATIGUED SPIRITS. Uplift and stay energetic during hectic days with essential oils ginger for a productivity boost. Add 3 drops to water and diffuse for 30 minutes.
  • A COMFORTING OIL FOR SELF-CARE ROUTINES. Craft self-care homemade products through DIY recipes with ginger essential oil therapeutic grade. Make ginger massage oil by adding 2 drops with a carrier oil.
  • TESTED FOR SAFETY AND QUALITY. Gya Labs’ Ginger oil is 100% pure & undiluted, with steam distilled ginger roots from Indonesia and rigorously tested by GC/MS, MSDS, COA, IFRA, etc. Do not use undiluted on pets, children and during pregnancy.
  • SAFELY BOTTLED & PACKAGED. Gya Labs’ essential oils are made from the best botanicals. All oils undergo quality testing for potency & purity before being bottled for you to enjoy.
  • A TRUSTED NAME IN AROMATHERAPY OILS. Gya Labs' Ginger Essential Oil is made from the finest Indonesian ginger roots. The result is 100% pure, undiluted ginger oil that is therapeutic-grade & rich in pure remedial properties.
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