FIXD Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner for Car - Car Code Readers & Scan Tools for iPhone & Android - Wireless OBD2 Auto Diagnostic Tool to Check Engine & Fix All Cars & Vehicles ‘96 or Newer (1 Pack)

$49.99 $53.99

Introducing the FIXD Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner for Car, the game-changing car code reader and diagnostic tool that will transform the way you care for your vehicle. With its cutting-edge wireless Bluetooth technology and user-friendly OBD2 app, this scanner is a must-have for both novices and car enthusiasts alike. No more deciphering complex engine fault codes – the FIXD car scanner and app instantly translate over 7000 engine fault codes into plain English, right on your phone.

With step-by-step instructions and helpful video tutorials at your fingertips, you'll have the confidence to tackle any car issue. Say goodbye to unnecessary trips to the repair shop. The FIXD OBD2 scanner and app empower you to discover exactly what's wrong with your car, the severity of the issue, and even potential fixes, all before setting foot in a mechanic's garage. You can even clear the check engine light yourself, saving you valuable time and money.

But wait, there's more! The FIXD scanner is compatible with all gas-powered vehicles made in 1996 or newer, as well as diesel vehicles from 2008 or newer. Whether you own a Toyota, Honda, Chevrolet, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, or any other major brand, this diagnostic scan tool is tailor-made for you. It seamlessly works with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, ensuring accessibility for everyone.

Not only does the FIXD scanner help you diagnose car problems, but it also keeps track of your vehicle's maintenance and wear items. Bid farewell to forgetting about oil changes or other essential services. The FIXD scanner automatically alerts you when it's time for your next service, guaranteeing that your car remains in top-notch condition.

And for those with multiple vehicles, the FIXD OBD code reader allows you to effortlessly monitor your entire fleet from one account. You can view live car data, including O2 sensor voltage, vehicle speed, and fuel trims, all in real time. This means you can stay on top of your vehicle's health without the need for an expensive OBD scanner. Don't settle for guesswork when it comes to your car's well-being.

Upgrade your car maintenance routine with the FIXD Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner for Car. Embrace the power of technology and take control of your vehicle's health like never before. Say goodbye to confusing codes and hello to clear, concise information right at your fingertips. Don't wait any longer – equip yourself with the ultimate car code reader and diagnostic tool today!

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