Everlasting Comfort Lumbar Support Pillow for Office Chair, Car, Desk - Back Pain, Posture Cushion

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  • 3d Polyester Mesh
  • Relieves Backache and Fatigue After Long Sitting Hours: Our lumbar support pillow is anatomically shaped to contour to the natural curve of your spine, giving you more support than ordinary back cushions. What's more, it supports the upper, middle, and lower back to effectively reduce compression for hours of sitting comfort
  • Prevents Slouching, Sagging and Hunching: The specially contoured design of our back support pillow has extended sides that hug your back and a gentle curve that nestles in the vulnerable lumbar space. Helps you avoid slouching that causes back pain so you can work or drive without discomfort and stand up from your desk without the usual stiffness
  • No 2 Backs Are Alike: Our chair back support crafted with heat responsive technology adapts itself to your contours to give you custom comfort the minute you sit back. You’ll enjoy tailored support you just can’t get from hard foam lumbar cushions
  • Offers the Right Amount of Support and Cushion: Made with our proprietary memory foam formula, the lumbar support pillow for office chair provides the ideal amount of support and padding necessary to reduce pressure in your back; cushioning that oftentimes your current computer chair lacks
  • Dual Straps for Stay Put Placement: Our back support pillow for chair has dual adjustable straps for secure placement on a variety of chairs. Fits chair backs up to 32" (81cm) wide with included strap extensions
  • Back Pain Relief Anywhere You Go: Takes soothing comfort to office chairs, cars, airplane seats and wheelchairs. Use it as a lumbar support pillow for car, back pillow for office chair, gaming chair pillow, and back pillow for travel
Everlasting Comfort Back Cushion

Ergonomic Chair Back Support Supports Your Upper Body for Comfortable Sitting

Our Desk Chair Back Support is Designed to Relieve Back Pain While Sitting

Our lumbar support pillow for chair supports your upper, middle, and lower back

Get the best in back support and comfort with the Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Back Cushion. Proper lumbar support for your back’s natural curves goes a long way toward allowing you to get back to doing the things you love. Whether you’re taking a road trip, traveling, pulling an all-nighter on a paper, or trying to meet a deadline at work, our office chair cushion provides your back with the support it needs to keep back pain at bay.

Our 100 percent premium memory foam chair cushion supports the upper, middle, and lower back with its ergonomic curved structure. The back cushion can be placed anywhere along the back of a chair or seat for lumbar support where you need it most. While most low quality lumbar pillows offer just one flimsy strap, our dual adjustable straps can be secured tightly to prevent your office chair cushion from falling or sliding. Stay cool and comfortable with its breathable mesh cover, that’s also machine washable and dryer safe.

Versatile Back Pillow is Perfect for Your Office Chair, Gaming Chair, and Car

Lumbar pillow being used in multiple different ways including at work, in the car, and in flight.

Back Pillow Lumbar Support Features

Blue arrows showing breathability of office chair back supportHand indentation on white memory foam of lumbar support pillow for carWashing machine door open for chair back support

Blue arrows showing breathability of office chair back support

Hand indentation on white memory foam of lumbar support pillow for car

Washing machine door open for chair back support

Our lumbar support pillow comes with a breathable mesh cover for improved heat dissipation. It’s not enough to just have support, for ultimate comfort you need a cushion that also keeps you cool. The cover allows heat to escape from the office chair cushion, keeping you from experiencing back sweats.

Our chair cushion for back pain is made of 100 percent memory foam with no additives or fillers. Providing the perfect soft, but firm density for support. Featuring heat responsive technology, the lumbar pillow uses your own body heat to adapt to your spine, providing personalized comfort.

With daily use, your chair pillow is bound to need a little freshening up every now and then. Unlike most back pillows for sitting in chair, our back cushion is machine washable and dryer safe. Simply unzip the cover and wash on the gentle cycle. Tumble dry with low or no heat. Do not wash memory foam.

Ergonomic Lumbar Support Cushion Fits A Wide Variety of Chairs

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