Everlasting Comfort

Everlasting Comfort Cool Mist Humidifier for Bedroom (4L) - Filterless, Small, Ultrasonic, Quiet - Large Room Home Air Vaporizer for Babies - Diffuser and Essential Oil Tray (Black)

  • 💨Perfect Coverage for Your Home, Apartment, Nursery, or Dorm: Our ultrasonic humidifier has a 4 liter (1 gallon) tank that works in rooms up to 300 sq feet and lasts for up to 40 hours
  • 👃Better Smelling Air: We included an essential oil tray in our air humidifier that circulates fragrant oils into the cool mist, giving you a pure and fresh smelling aroma. Important: Do not put essential oils directly into the water tank as this can cause damage to the humidifier. Use the designated essential oil tray only
  • 🤫Silent and Safe: Our small room humidifier is whisper quiet and also shuts off automatically when out of water; safe to use in baby rooms and bedrooms
  • ❌Never Replace a Filter Again: Our bedroom humidifier is filterless, saving you from ongoing replacement costs. Important: Try to keep humidity between 40 to 60 percent to avoid water accumulation
  • ✔️2 Year Replacement Policy: At Everlasting Comfort we care about your experience with our products, pledging to replace your humidifier with essential oil diffuser should anything go wrong

Product Description

4L (1GAL) Water Tank Capacity

Filterless, Cost Effective Design

Lasts For Up To 40 Hours

Has A Built In Essential Oil Tray

Variable Cool Mist Output Controls

Works In Any Room Up To 300sq Feet

Materials Memory Foam Plastic Plastic Wood
Ideal For Tailbone, Hemorrhoids, Sciatica, Post Partum Recovery Home, Office, Nursery Home, Office, Schools, Hospitals Home, Office, Spa, Travel
Features Transforms from donut cushion to seat cushion Built in Essential Oil Tray Infrared Motion Sensor Technology 7 Color LED Light Options
Benefits of a humidifier? When indoor air becomes too dry, it can negatively impact your health. By using our cool mist humidifier, it transforms dry rooms into comfortably perfect ones. This helps support better sleep quality and your overall well being. The Everlasting Comfort air humidifier has a 4L (1 Gal) capacity water tank and 360 degree adjustable nozzle; covering rooms up to 300 sq feet and lasting for up to 40 hours.
Why’s there water at the base? This is a high output humidifier. If you ever notice water collecting around the base of the unit, it’s because the humidity is too high in the room. Turn off the unit and wait for the humidity to decrease or lower the output of the humidifier. For more information, review the instructions included. For any issues, reach out to customer support.
How to use the humidifier? Getting our room humidifier up and running is fast and easy. Lift the water tank off the base. Unscrew the valve and fill with water. Reattach the water tank to base, making sure the water level window is facing the front. Plug humidifier into a wall outlet. Press the control button to turn on and set to your desired mist intensity.
Best type of water to use? We highly recommend using distilled or demineralized water with our humidifier. If using tap water with high levels of minerals (also called hard water), it can cause mineral buildup in the base. If using hard water, clean the unit frequently.
How to clean the humidifier? We suggest cleaning the water tank once every 2 to 3 weeks. Unplug the humidifier and empty out any remaining water in the tank. Clean with mild dish soap and warm water. For the base, we suggest cleaning once a week. Unplug the unit and tilt the humidifier to the left to empty any water out of the side. Use mild dish soap and warm water to clean, careful to not get any water into the atomizer, floater, fan exhaust or motor. Using a cotton swab or damp washcloth is recommended.

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