Energizer MAX AA Batteries (16 Pack), Double A Alkaline Batteries


Power up your devices with Energizer MAX AA Batteries! These high-performance alkaline batteries are designed to fuel the technology that keeps you connected, productive, and entertained. Whether you need batteries for your remote, clock, or your child's favorite toys and games, Energizer MAX is here to deliver long-lasting power.

With Energizer's #1 longest-lasting MAX formula, these double A batteries outlast EVEREADY GOLD by up to 50% in demanding devices. Say goodbye to frequent battery changes and hello to uninterrupted fun and productivity.

Not only do these batteries provide exceptional performance, but they also offer superior protection. Thanks to Powerseal Technology, Energizer MAX AA Batteries are designed to prevent damaging leaks for up to two years after they are fully used. So you can have peace of mind knowing that your devices are safe.

Worried about batteries losing their power over time? Don't be! Energizer MAX AA Batteries have a remarkable shelf life of up to 10 years in storage. This means you can stock up on these reliable batteries and have them ready whenever you need them most.

When it comes to everyday electronics, you can depend on Energizer MAX to deliver the power and performance you expect. Trust the brand that has been powering the world for decades. Choose Energizer MAX AA Batteries and experience long-lasting power and protection like never before.

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