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Transform the way you enter your car with our Car Door Opening Warning LED Lights! These innovative and stylish lamp strips are designed to enhance your safety and add a touch of flair to your vehicle.

Crafted from high-quality silicone, these Car Door Lights Strips are built to last. They are suitable for universal use in all cars, ensuring that you can enjoy their benefits no matter what vehicle you drive.

With their flowing and strobe light type, these LED lights create a mesmerizing visual effect as you open your car door. The lights are not only eye-catching but also serve as a warning to other drivers, helping to prevent rear-end collisions. Safety is our top priority, and these lights provide an extra layer of protection for you and your passengers.

Operating at a voltage of 12V, these lights are energy-efficient and won't drain your car's battery. They are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, with a working range of -40 to 50 degrees Celsius. Whether it's scorching hot or freezing cold, these lights will continue to shine brightly.

Measuring just 0.3 cm in thickness, these lights are sleek and discreet. They won't interfere with the operation of your car doors and will seamlessly integrate into your vehicle's design. The light size of 120cm ensures that they cover a significant portion of your car door, creating a stunning visual impact.

Installation is a breeze, with the included adhesive backing allowing for easy attachment to your car door. Simply peel off the protective film and stick the lights onto the desired location. No need for complicated wiring or tools - you'll have these lights up and running in no time.

Upgrade your car's appearance and safety with our Car Door Opening Warning LED Lights. Don't settle for ordinary - make a statement every time you step into your vehicle. Order yours today and experience the difference!

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