Brentwood KT-2150BK Iced Tea and Coffee Maker with 64 Ounce Pitcher, Black

  • ICE TEA & COFFEE IN MINUTES: Enjoy a delicious, iced beverage with the press of a button using this iced tea and coffee maker; Dimensions (L x W x H): 9.5 x 6.75 x 14.5 inches
  • BREW 8 SERVINGS: Brew 8 servings of tea or coffee at a time in the included 64-ounce pitcher
  • REUSABLE FILTER BASKET: Reusable filter basket helps save money and decrease waste from paper filters
  • CUSTOMIZE DRINK STRENGTH: Strength selector dial lets you customize the strength of your drink
  • AUTOMATIC SHUTOFF: Features automatic shutoff for your convenience and peace of mind

Come one, come all iced coffee and tea lovers alike! You no longer need to water down hot beverages with ice to cool them down. With the Brentwood Iced Coffee and Tea Maker, you can have a perfectly chilled beverage in minutes. Equipped with simple operation and automatic shutoff, anyone can be their own home barista. Simply fill the container with water, place your favorite tea or coffee in the reusable filter basket, and select your drink's strength with the dial to craft a delicious cup. You can make 8 servings at a time, making this machine an awesome addition to any brunch or family breakfast. The 64-ounce pitcher makes it easy for everyone at the table to easily pour and enjoy. Whether you think cold drinks are reserved for the summer or you're a year-round cold coffee and tea drinker, the Brentwood Iced Coffee and Tea Maker is sure to hit the spot.

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