Back-To-The-Womb™ - The Ultimate Baby Carrier

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Just Like In The Womb.Being close to mom's heartbeat calms a baby like nothing else. Our Back-To-The-Womb™ - The Ultimate Baby Carrier enhances bonding as your natural movement rocks Baby.

Mommy’s Comfort
Wearing a baby wrap everyday could be a strain on your neck and shoulders if the weight of the baby is not properly distributed. Back-To-The-Womb™gives you 60 cm - more than other brands - of fabric to spread the baby’s weight across your shoulders. The snug fit of our stretchy fabric also acts as a postpartum belt, helping Mommy regain her shape.

Doesn't strain mommy's neck & shoulders - Works also as a postpartum belt

Super Simple To Wash

It is machine washable for extra convenience when following your new baby hygiene routine. It is just as soft and strong after each wash as it is when you first use it.

Machine washable - No tear and wear

  • Wraps Easily
  • Lightweight & Breathable
  • Supportive for Baby
  • One size adjusts for all adults
  • 100% Cotton
  • Hands-free comfort to explore the world together
  • Fits all baby's - From newborn to toddler