ArteiWo Plastic Wrap Roll 196 Sq Ft, Tin/Aluminum Foil Roll 164 Sq Ft, Baking/Parchment Paper Roll 65 Sq Ft, Fit ArteiWo Plastic Wrap Dispenser with Cutter


  • 【A Need In Your Kitchen】Whether a professional chef or you simply like having a well-equipped kitchen that makes your job easier, the ArteiWo 3-in-1 paper rolls are the perfect choice for a smooth and user-friendly experience!
  • 【Premium Grade Materials】These rolls are made with superior quality, food-grade non-BPA materials, with a durable texture which doesn’t stick, is easy to cut and has a long shelf life.
  • 【Plastic Wrap】Our 12in x 196ft PE food cling wrap adheres to multiple surfaces, including wood, metal, glass or plastic, providing excellent protection for a wide variety of foods, keeping air out and maintaining freshness for longer.
  • 【Aluminum Foil】This 12in x 164ft heavy duty tin foil roll is incredibly versatile and can be used for cooking, as well as house projects. An excellent choice for the oven, this foil won’t stick to your foods, locks in flavor and is ideal for preserving leftovers!
  • 【Parchment Paper】Getting perfect baking results is now possible with this baking paper for oven! Measuring 12 inch x 65ft long, this parchment paper for baking is temperature resistant, suitable for oven, fridge or freezer.

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