Smart Soap Dispenser, Automatic 12-Oz Dispenser with 20-Second Timer, Works with Alexa


Upgrade your handwashing routine to a whole new level with the Smart Soap Dispenser. This sleek and innovative device combines cleanliness, entertainment, and sustainability all in one.

Say goodbye to guessing and cutting corners when it comes to effective handwashing. The built-in 20-second timer ensures that you meet the CDC-recommended minimum time for thorough cleansing. As you lather, the timer lights up, guiding you to cleaner hands, one wash at a time.

But this dispenser offers more than just a timer. Pair it with a compatible Echo device and create an Alexa Routine that transforms your sink into a source of entertainment. While you wash, your Echo can play your favorite songs, crack hilarious jokes, or even share fascinating facts. Turn a mundane chore into a moment of joy and cleanliness.

Customize your soap experience with the variable dispensing feature. Simply adjust the position of your hand under the nozzle to control the amount of soap dispensed. Need a generous amount of soap? Enable high-dispensing mode with a quick double-press of the power button. It's all about having control over your handwashing routine.

No need to worry about constantly changing batteries. The Smart Soap Dispenser comes with a powerful rechargeable battery that lasts up to 3 months on a single charge. That's months of worry-free handwashing without any interruptions.

We care about the environment just as much as you do. That's why we've designed this dispenser with sustainability in mind. With 39% post-consumer recycled plastics used in its construction (excluding the USB cable), you can feel good about making a choice that helps the planet. And with over 99% of the packaging made from responsibly managed wood fiber-based materials, every day can be an Earth Day.

Upgrade your handwashing routine and bring cleanliness, entertainment, and sustainability to your sink. Elevate your handwashing experience with the Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser today. It's time to experience cleanliness like never before.

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