Alpine Corporation Ceramic Pedestal Birdbath with Bird Figurines, Red


Introducing the Alpine Corporation Ceramic Pedestal Birdbath with Bird Figurines in a stunning shade of red! Create a charming oasis for your feathered friends right in your own backyard. This high-quality bird bath is designed to attract a variety of birds, making it the perfect addition to your patio, garden, deck, yard, or pool area.

Crafted with care, this birdbath features a beautiful antique finish that adds a touch of vintage charm to your outdoor decor. The shallow and wide bowl ensures that multiple small birds can safely drink and bathe at the same time, creating a lively and bustling atmosphere.

Made from durable ceramic material, this bird bath is built to withstand the elements, ensuring long-lasting use. The sturdy pedestal base provides stability, keeping the birdbath from tipping over even in windy conditions.

Measuring at 19"L x 16"W x 24"H, this birdbath is the perfect size to make a statement in your yard without overwhelming the space. Pair it with a bird feeder to entice a variety of birds to visit your window and enjoy the delightful sight of them congregating near your outdoor living area.

Founded in 1999, Alpine is renowned for its innovative and stylish home and garden products. Our award-winning design team continuously creates "statement pieces" that elevate your outdoor living spaces. From solar garden stakes with motion and fiber optic lighting technology to captivating glass and glow-in-the-dark bird baths and feeders, we offer a wide assortment of fresh, fashionable, and contemporary products.

Experience the joy of watching feathered friends flock to your yard with the Alpine Corporation Ceramic Pedestal Birdbath with Bird Figurines. Order now and transform your outdoor space into a haven for both humans and winged creatures alike.

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