Products 400W Mini Electric Heater


Introducing the AUGIENB 400W Mini Electric Heater, your perfect companion for chilly days and nights! Designed with convenience and efficiency in mind, this portable electric heater is a must-have for any bedroom, living room, or even your workspace.

With its compact size and sleek design, this mini electric heater easily fits on any desktop or table, allowing you to create a cozy and warm environment wherever you are. Whether you're snuggled up in bed, working at your desk, or enjoying a movie night on the couch, this heater will keep you comfortably warm in areas up to 20㎡.

Featuring a fan heater type, this AUGIENB electric heater quickly and effectively warms up your space, providing instant heat when you need it most. Say goodbye to shivering and hello to a toasty and inviting atmosphere!

Operating at a power of less than 800W, this energy-efficient heater ensures that you can enjoy warmth without worrying about high electricity bills. It's not only good for your comfort but also for your wallet!

Installation is a breeze with this mini electric heater. Simply place it on your desired surface, plug it into a 220V outlet, and voila! You're ready to experience the cozy warmth it provides. Its user-friendly design makes it suitable for anyone, from students in dorm rooms to professionals in their home offices.

The AUGIENB 400W Mini Electric Heater is not just for bedrooms and living rooms. It can also be used in other areas such as your bathroom, garage, or even your RV. Its versatility knows no bounds!

Don't let the cold weather dampen your spirits. Embrace warmth and comfort with the AUGIENB 400W Mini Electric Heater. Order yours today and experience the joy of staying cozy all year round!

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