36Pcs/Box Foot Corn Removal Plaster with Hole Warts Thorn Patch Feet Callus Remove Soften Skin Cutin Sticker Toe Protector

$14.26 $15.05

Say goodbye to painful corns and blisters with our 36Pcs/Box Foot Corn Removal Plaster! Designed to alleviate discomfort and soften the skin, this product is a must-have for anyone suffering from corns or calluses.

With its innovative design, our corn plaster features a hole that reduces friction between your corn and shoes, providing instant relief. Made from high-quality fabric, it ensures a comfortable fit and firmly holds in place with adhesive straps.

Using our Foot Corn Removal Plaster is simple and effective. Start by thoroughly cleaning and drying your feet for better adhesion. Then, remove a corn cap from the backing paper and position the felt ring over the corn. Firmly apply it in position with the adhesive straps, ensuring it doesn't slip or move.

For optimal results, change the corn cap every two days until the corn is easily removed. Each box contains 36 pieces, providing you with an ample supply to tackle multiple corns. Please note that this product is intended for external use only and is suitable for adults over 16 years old.

Safety is our top priority. Please avoid using the Foot Corn Removal Plaster on allergic skin or if the area around the callus is inflamed or broken. Additionally, keep in mind that this product contains lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or reproductive harm.

Don't let corns and blisters hold you back from enjoying your day. Get your 36Pcs/Box Foot Corn Removal Plaster today and experience the soothing relief you've been longing for. Say hello to happy, pain-free feet!

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