Gray Solid Cerromax UF-B Cable with Ground Wire

  • View local codes for direct burial guidelines
  • Generally used as feeder to outside post lamps and pumps
  • UF-B cable may be used underground including direct burial

Cerrowire's Gray 100 ft. 14/2 Solid CerroMax UF-B Cable can be used in applications that include outside lamp posts, pumps, and other loads outdoors, underground and in wet areas. It can also be used for outbuildings such as garages and barns. 14-gauge copper wire is UL listed. PVC jacketed with 2 circuit conductors and an equipment grounding conductor. Jacket is sun and UV resistant. Insulated copper conductors are laid parallel with a bare grounding conductor. For use underground as a feeder or branch circuit cable. Direct burial in the earth is permitted. May be installed in wet, dry, or corrosive locations as specified by the NEC. May be installed for interior wiring in accordance with the requirements for nonmetallic-sheathed cable as specified in the NEC. UF-B has a heat capacity of 90°C and is rated at 600-Volt. UL Listed and CSA Certified.
  • 100 ft. Length
  • 14-Gauge
  • Not to exceed 90C (with ampacity limited 60C conductors)
  • Ideal for feeder or branch circuit cable
  • Copper conductors
  • Cable can be used in wet or dry locations
  • View local codes for direct burial guidelines
  • Note: product may vary by store
  • Note: product may vary by store

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