Singing Rain

Singing Rain 79 Inches Extra Long Kink-Free Chromed Flexible Stainless Steel Shower Hose - Replacement for Handheld Showerhead Hose

  • ‼️Stainless steel stands for material, chrome stands for color and surface technics, just like paintings for your vehicle. Your car looks in blue does not mean it is not made from steel.
  • Exterior Metal Material: Premium quality of 304 stainless steel ensures the shower hose is rust-proof and corrosion- free from daily use. Shining as new after long-term usage and easy to clean with simple touches. Please rest assured that there is no shower hose could be made from ABS in this type of shape given the limitation of technology in the market.
  • Polished Surface: High-end chrome finish has been tested to pass 200- hour salt spray test, which protects your hose from water, shower gel and bath salt that may splash on it.
  • Connection Mechanism: Unique double locking mechanism is applied onto our best selected shower hose, which prevents the outer tube from disjointing when expanded.
  • TPV Inner Tube: The TPV inner tube is more temperature resistant, eco-friendly, odour- free and anti-aging compare to PVC or EPDM inner tube used by the most of shower hose on the market. Therefore, when you receive our product, you will find it is much softer compare to the one you had.

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