Apc 11-outlet Surgearrest Surge Protector With 2 Usb Charging Ports (pack of 1 Ea)

$73.81 $82.31

Introducing the APC 11-Outlet Surgearrest Surge Protector with 2 USB Charging Ports - the ultimate guardian for your valuable electronics. With its sleek design and powerful features, this surge protector is a must-have for any tech-savvy individual.

Featuring a whopping 11 outlets, this surge protector offers ample space to connect all your essential devices. From laptops and gaming consoles to printers and home theater systems, you can now protect them all from harmful power surges. Say goodbye to the fear of unexpected electrical spikes damaging your beloved equipment.

But that's not all - this surge protector goes above and beyond to ensure comprehensive protection. With a remarkable 2,880 Joules of surge energy rating, it safeguards your devices against even the most intense power surges. Rest easy knowing that your electronics are shielded from potential damage.

What sets this surge protector apart is its data-line protection capability. It not only guards your devices from power surges but also shields them from surges that can occur through Ethernet, coaxial, and telephone lines. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your entire setup is protected from all angles.

In addition to its impressive surge protection features, this APC surge protector also boasts 2 convenient USB charging ports. Charge your smartphones, tablets, and other USB-powered devices directly from the surge protector, eliminating the need for multiple adapters and freeing up valuable outlet space.

With its advanced technology and reliable performance, the APC 11-Outlet Surgearrest Surge Protector with 2 USB Charging Ports is the perfect companion for your home or office. Don't compromise on the safety of your electronics - invest in this top-notch surge protector today and experience uninterrupted power protection like never before.

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