P3 Solar Mole & Gopher Chaser (pack of 1 Ea)

$53.73 $63.45

Introducing the P3 Solar Mole & Gopher Chaser, the ultimate solution to protect your lawn from pesky rodents! With its powerful functionality and sleek design, this device is a must-have for any homeowner.

Covering up to an impressive 7,500 square feet (that's 1/6 of an acre!), this chaser ensures that no corner of your garden is left vulnerable to moles and gophers. Say goodbye to unsightly mounds and tunnels ruining your beautiful landscape.

Safety is our top priority, which is why the P3 Solar Mole & Gopher Chaser is designed to be safe around children and pets. You can have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones can freely enjoy the outdoors without any harm.

Crafted with a water-resistant ABS plastic housing, this chaser is built to withstand the elements, ensuring long-lasting performance. Rain or shine, it will continue to protect your yard from unwanted intruders.

Not only is the P3 Solar Mole & Gopher Chaser highly effective, but it also boasts an attractive design that seamlessly blends with your landscape. No more eyesores or clunky devices ruining the aesthetics of your outdoor space.

Rest assured, our chaser works by gently chasing away rodents without causing them any harm. It's an environmentally friendly and pet-safe solution that respects the balance of nature.

Don't let moles and gophers take over your lawn. Take control with the P3 Solar Mole & Gopher Chaser and reclaim your outdoor paradise. Order yours today and enjoy a rodent-free haven!

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