Woman Folding Toilet Bidet Postpartum Bath Toilet Seat Self Cleaning Hip Irrigator Perineum Soaking Bathtub Hemorrhoid Treatment


Introducing the Woman Folding Toilet Bidet, your ultimate postpartum bath companion! This innovative toilet seat is designed to provide self-cleaning, hip irrigation, and perineum soaking, making it the perfect solution for postpartum care, hemorrhoid treatment, and overall feminine hygiene.

With its daily healthy cleansing features, this bidet is not only suitable for new moms but also ideal for the elderly who require anti-squatting and anti-fainting support. The Woman Folding Toilet Bidet is truly a versatile and essential addition to any bathroom.

For optimal health and wellness, we recommend rinsing with warm water using this bidet. Its unique design, inspired by the human hips, and smooth bevel shape ensure maximum comfort during hip baths. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a soothing and relaxing experience.

Crafted with a generous 2000ML water volume, this bidet is designed to meet your needs while promoting environmental sustainability. Made from high-quality polymer environmental protection PP, it is both durable and eco-friendly. Choose from four stylish colors, including Pink and Green, to match your bathroom decor.

Upgrade your bathroom routine with the Woman Folding Toilet Bidet. Experience the comfort, cleanliness, and convenience it offers. Order yours today and take your postpartum care to the next level.

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