Introducing the Brentwood CTSA-3500 3.5-Liter Airpot Hot & Cold Drink Dispenser – the perfect solution to keep your favorite beverages at the ideal temperature for hours on end. Whether it's piping hot coffee, refreshing iced tea, or chilled water, this versatile airpot has got you covered.

Designed with convenience in mind, this airpot features an easy-to-use lever action pump, allowing you to effortlessly dispense your drink with a simple press. No more struggling with complicated mechanisms or messy spills. Just smooth, hassle-free pouring every time.

Crafted with durability in mind, the robust carry handle ensures easy transportation, making it a breeze to take your favorite beverages on the go. Whether you're heading to the office, a picnic, or a family gathering, this airpot is your trusty companion.

With its 360-degree rotating base, you can easily access your drink from any angle, making it perfect for busy environments or crowded spaces. And thanks to its large pour spout, filling up cups or bottles is a breeze, without any messy drips or spills.

Safety is a top priority, which is why this airpot is equipped with a safety locking lid. No need to worry about accidental spills or leaks when transporting your beverages. Simply lock the lid in place, and you're good to go.

Not only does the Brentwood CTSA-3500 perform flawlessly, but it also looks stunning in any setting. Its beautifully brushed stainless steel exterior adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen, office, or event space.

Don't settle for lukewarm or watered-down drinks. Experience the convenience and versatility of the Brentwood CTSA-3500 3.5-Liter Airpot Hot & Cold Drink Dispenser. Elevate your beverage game and enjoy your favorite drinks at their optimal temperature, anytime, anywhere.

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