Kid Made Modern Arts and Crafts Library - Craft Set for Kids Ages 6 and Up

$62.74 $76.32

Unlock your child's imagination and unleash their creativity with the Kid Made Modern Arts and Crafts Library. This incredible craft set is the ultimate cornerstone for any budding artist aged 6 and up. With over 1,000 pieces, the possibilities are truly limitless.

From friendship bracelets to pom pom monsters and pipe cleaner crowns, your child can create endless masterpieces that showcase their unique style and artistic flair. The Arts and Crafts Library is not just a craft set, it's an inspiring gift that encourages creativity in children.

Inside the reusable storage case, you'll find a treasure trove of supplies neatly organized and ready for your child's artistic adventures. Let their imagination run wild as they design their own jewelry, create backpack and luggage tags, or embark on exciting art projects for school.

The kit includes everything they need to bring their ideas to life, from fuzzy sticks and wooden pieces to pom poms and craft sticks. To add a touch of sparkle, the kit also includes sticky back jewels, sequins, and googly eyes.

With 200 wooden beads and 40 plastic beads, your child can create unique accessories that reflect their personality. The Arts and Crafts Library even includes 6 skeins of floss, white glue, needles, and scissors, ensuring that your child has all the tools they need to bring their visions to life.

This craft set is more than just a way to pass the time - it's an opportunity for your child to explore their creativity, develop fine motor skills, and express themselves through art. Whether they're crafting solo or enjoying quality time with friends and family, the Kid Made Modern Arts and Crafts Library guarantees hours of crafting fun.

Give your child the gift of endless creativity and watch as their imagination flourishes. Order the Kid Made Modern Arts and Crafts Library today and let the artistic adventures begin!

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