Coffee Bear – Cold Brew Coffee Maker and Tea Brewer, Borosilicate Glass Pitcher with Mesh Filter, 1.3L (44Oz)

  • ➤ Yields Tastier, Less Acidic Coffee – In just 12 to 24 hours, you get a smooth concentrate with more caffeine and 60% less acidic than traditionally brewed hot coffee. The glass coffee carafe has a flavor-locking lid to seal flavor and keep your drink fresh.
  • ➤ Larger Capacity – At 1300mL, our coffee pitcher is 30% bigger than your regular 1000mL coffee brewer. It can yield up to 5 cups. Despite its volume, our cold brew maker fits perfectly inside the compartment of your fridge door.
  • ➤ With Multi-use Mesh Cold Brew Filter – Its non-rusting, metal-free mesh cold brew coffee filter doubles as a loose leaf tea brewer. You can also prepare your fruit-infused water using our coffee infuser and tea infuser pitcher.
  • ➤ No Messy Spills – The cold brew pitcher has a detachable non-slip silicone base that acts as a cushion from accidental bumps. Additionally, its precision-pour spout shields your countertops from splatters.
  • ➤ Easy-to-clean – Disassemble your cold coffee brewer in seconds. The mesh has a removable bottom cap, so you can quickly discard its contents. It’s also a dishwasher safe glass pitcher, if you prefer a hands-free clean up.

Product Description

The Coffee Bear Story

We are Justin and Amanda, husband-and-wife tandem and founders of Coffee Bear. We established our company out of pure passion for making excellently brewed coffee. Together with our team, we create high-quality, innovative brewing products that you can access with easy and use conveniently.

Brew rich-tasting, smooth coffee that’s less acidic with the Cold Brew Coffee Maker from Coffee Bear. Designed to make cold-brewing a breeze, it allows you to make your own coffee-shop quality, best cold brew coffee at home.

Get a Recipe E-book with Your Purchase

You’ll receive an e-book with 5 gourmet recipes by a professional chef. Plus, there’s also a full-colored manual covering proper care and use of your cold coffee maker.

Durable, Shock-resistant Glass Coffee Pot

The pitcher is made of sturdy borosilicate glass with a non-slip, food-grade silicone base that doesn’t contain BPA. This serves as a cushion against accidental bumps. Our infuser pitcher also has an easy-grip handle.

Locks in Freshness and Flavor

Its lid preserves the delicate flavors of your coffee by minimizing exposure to air. You can store your brew for days and it won’t go stale. To open, simply rotate it slightly to the left or right, exposing the spout with a smart-pour design. This guarantees neat, mess-free pouring every time.

With Reinforced Ultra-fine, Micro Mesh Filter

The food-grade mesh filter can hold 100g ground coffee. Its unique, tear-resistant rib structure makes it sturdier. Unlike stainless steel filters, it won’t rust and it’s free from chemical components that destroy the natural flavor of your coffee.

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